Working together, protecting lives

Hill & Smith Infrastructure Ltd, part of Hill & Smith PLC, brings together four leading vehicle restraint system (VRS) manufacturers and suppliers: Asset VRS, Hardstaff Barriers, Hill & Smith Barriers, and Varley & Gulliver Parapets.

Working together to deliver projects in the UK and worldwide, the four businesses are well-known for exceptional service, quality and expertise, and are committed to protecting people and property. 

About Hill & Smith Infrastructure 

Hill & Smith Infrastructure is a UK-based vehicle restraint systems (VRS) and Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) company.

Our four flagship companies listed above, are reputable and trusted brands. Solutions include temporary and permanent road safety barriers and vehicle restraint systems, security and delineation solutions and bridge parapets.

By bringing together four of the UK's leading road safety and security businesses, we’re the go-to group for roads and security projects, able to solve the full scope of our customers' requirements.

Working together, Hill & Smith Infrastructure and its companies excel at helping customers achieve their goals while keeping the public, workforces and property safe and secure. 
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